IP PBX System is the backbone for a company for  business communications . Because it helps to reach phone calls to right persons . Trionix offers  IP PBX  System  for small to large business in Bangladesh . We work together with customer perspective and our solutions are made to make IP PBX deployments easy and provide you with features which help your company grow.
We offer IP PBX and IP communications platforms in different brands and our sales engineers ensure your inline requirements. Whether you are only a small company or large enterprise, our company offers a complete slate of support services to assist make sure that our telephony solution exceeds your expectations.


At Trionix we provide companies with Hybrid PBX / PABX Telecom Systems that is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom systems working together in creating a solution that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation.

  • NEC SL2100  IP PBX 
  • NEC IP  Master Phone & IP Phone 
  • Terminal Phone 

Please let us know your details requirements  , as per your requirements and budget we will send you proposal  for  IP PBX system for your business .