Social Media Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Trionix Technology is a certified social media marketing company in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a social media company In Bangladesh for your business, choose us beacuse we are experienced social media company .

This can only be possible through an experienced and dedicated social media marketing company since the art of social media company is more complicated than it seems to a normal agency. It is not only about posts, tweets, tumbles, shares, and updates, it is much deeper and involves audience analysis, reaches, involvement and many more variables that are of the normal user’s purview.

Social Media Community Management
We advocate your brand on social network & create your own social persona and activity to go out with an online community to connect with potential customers.

Social Media Paid Ads
Promote your brand on paid social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, linked In, Instagram etc.


Social Media / Digital Activation
Campaign your contest through social media and increase your follower base, engagement. Example: Photo Contest, Video Contest, Sweepstakes, Surveys, Pick your favorite, Predictions, Instant Win, Coupons.